Rochester Counseling Solutions
Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families

Kelly C. Ardieta, LCSW-R

I am a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R) who has worked in the Rochester area for the last fifteen years, providing therapy to clients in a variety of settings. I earned both my Bachelor’s degree in social work and my Master’s degree in social work at Syracuse University and then moved back to Rochester to pursue my career. I have been fortunate to work with both children and adults in therapy. This has helped to broaden my skills and expertise. I love to work with people of all ages in order to help facilitate movement towards greater life satisfaction.

It is my belief that therapy is about healing, change and growth. Through the therapeutic relationship I strive to help individuals work through issues that have created some sort of distress in their life. These issues can be anything from relationship difficulties, to difficulties managing emotions, to difficulties created by feelings of pain and loss. By working through these issues in a safe and confidential setting, many people see a reduction in their distress and an increased satisfaction in their lives.

I provide the following services to both children and adults:

   *Individual Therapy
   *Couples Therapy
   *Group Therapy
   *Family Therapy

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please feel free to contact me at 271-3090.